What The Magicians Cast Is Doing Now

During “The Magicians,” actress Olivia Taylor Dudley filled the ever-changing masks of Quentin Coldwater’s girlfriend, Alice, with genuine vulnerability and played seamlessly through the sometimes destructive emotional roller coaster of the character.

Season 1’s sweet and shy Alice quickly transforms into a nervous witch who fears the enormity of her own power. When Alice Becomes Powerful Niffin, she develops a vicious detached psychopathy and puts her friends in danger. Yet, as is the case with all the protagonists of “The Magicians”, she gave herself a chance at redemption and a long road back to recovery. By the time Season 5 begins, Alice has completed their character arc and there is not much left to explore.

Fortunately, the talented actress continues to appear on television – she played Nancy Drew’s ancestor and nemesis, Temperance Hudson in season 3 of “Nancy Drew” – and on the big screen. In 2022, the actress appeared in the thriller Paramount “Crawlspace” with former child actor, “ET the Extra-Terrestrial” star Henry Thomas. In the campy action game, Thomas plays a plumber who hides from killers in the crawl space of an Oregon mountain cabin. Dudley portrays Carrie, a friend and client of Robert.

Brian L. Hartfield