Siegfried and Joy mock AGT as best “worst magicians”

Best “Worst Magicians” Siegfried & Joy may not have won Simon over, but their unique audition for America’s Got Talent sure has everyone cracking up!

Meet Siegfried and Joy. The name of their act is clearly a cry, or perhaps a parody, of the once very popular magicians Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Hornbetter known as Siegfried and Roy.

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Like Siegfried and Roy, Siegfried & Joy were born in Germany, and they begin their performance with the words “Welcome to Las Vegas”, this is where Siegfried and Roy, both deceased, performed their show for over 13 years at Mirage Resort. and Casino.

Although the similarities seem significant, they are quite minor. Siegfried and Roy were genuine, brilliant magicians who were serious about their craft. But Siegfried & Joy not so much! The two artists who appear before the AGT jury in this video are much more comedians than magicians, much more wacky than mysterious!

Watch the two as they “annoy” Simon while winning over the others with their silly but very creative act!

Best ‘Worst Magicians’ Audition for AGT

Dressed in shiny brown animal print jackets and black shirts, Siegfried and Joy wear silver, glittery “S” and “J” belt buckles. Joy’s is a bit twisted, which is appropriate, as their number is a bit off center too! Joy tells Simon that they are the “new magic superstars”. But something tells us that may not be the case!

Their first trick is levitation, which seems to be legit until Joy “accidentally” removes Siegfried’s gold sheet and reveals he’s using a leg to hold up his body and con the audience. There’s a fake disappearing act and a “vorhersage” tunnel ride. This one is clearly reserved for Heidi, who is also German. “Vorhersage” is a German word meaning “forecast” or “prediction”. Thus, the judges are asked to guess what type of fruit is inside the tunnel.

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Although the trick is mostly a sham, the performance of the poorly executed illusion is endearing both to the audience and to the three most charitable judges on the panel. This concludes the official performance. But the routine continues as the judges deliberate, and that might be the funniest part!

Siegfried and Joy win everything except Simon

They offer Heidi a wrapped strawberry, which she catches beautifully even with her incredibly long fingernails. As Howie expresses his joy that the show is starting to see some comedy in the current season, Joy begins brushing her long black hair. It’s just goofy! We get shots of snot and tears, and, in the end, Simon’s confusion over it all makes no sense when Sofia gives the third yes!

Siegfried and Joy poke fun at magic and themselves, delivering a slapstick number where buffoonery rather than mystery is the real treat!

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WATCH: Siegfried & Joy Audition for AGT as Best ‘Worst Magicians’

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