Magic show at Cove Public Library captivates local residents | Herald of Copperas Cove

Magician John O’Bryant has returned to the Copperas Cove Public Library and captivated young local residents with his magic tricks. It was his first exhibition at the library since the summer of 2019.

During the show, he performed a card trick, a floating table trick, and many more that dazzled the attendees. O’Bryant asked several children who were seated in front on the floor to help him with several tricks, including Lena Gaytan.

O’Bryant asked the 9-year-old to help him with his floating table trick. The two held opposite ends of a tablecloth as the table floated in the air. The audience was amazed.

Lena said she had fun helping with the magic trick.

Holly Gaytan brought her three children – including Lena – and a cousin to the magic show. It was the first time they had come to the library at Copperas Cove.

Area resident Stephanie Fisher brought her three children to the magic show, and everyone loved it, according to Stephanie. She said they enjoyed the show so much that they planned to come to some of the remaining shows during the summer reading program, which takes place every Thursday until “we plan to come to some of the other shows remaining during the summer reading program”.

According to his website, from an early age, O’Bryant always dreamed of becoming a magician and performing for others. He mixes an original style of magic, illusion and comedy. He’s performed to audiences all over the country, and people love him and ask him to come back and perform in this hall every year.

“I had my first magic set when I was 6 or 7,” O’Bryant said. “I did my first show when I was 15 and did the show at a neighbors birthday party. I started out doing an internship for another magician kind of like a stage manager for him I’ve been doing shows now for over 15 years.

O’Bryant performed his shows at Sea World Adventure Parks in San Antonio, headlined his magic number at the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club in San Antonio. Other clients he has performed for include the United States Air Force, Howard Hughes Corporation, YMCA, Boy Scouts of America and many more.

Brian L. Hartfield