bjp: BJP government is like a magic show, only an illusion: PDP Newsletter | India News

SRINAGAR: The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Sunday accused the BJP of diverting citizens’ attention from “real issues” and likened the current governance to a magic show.
In the May issue of its monthly “Speak-Up” newsletter, the party said people watched in awe as the “magician” waved around his shiny handkerchief.
“Here! He pulls a rabbit out of his hat, the one that was empty a moment ago. You’re hypnotized and even though you know you’ve been tricked, you want to believe the magic is real. Welcome to the not-so-subtle the art of misdirection,” the party said.
He said while he – apparently referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi – “distracted you” with a shiny handkerchief dancing in the air, the real magic happened elsewhere.
“Our very existence is under attack, the unemployment rate is now 46%, our young people are rotting in prison for an unpunishable crime and agencies are on the lookout for journalists and businessmen without even sparing ordinary civilians from their raids. And then the magician in his true showmanship, waves his handkerchief in front of thousands of cheering fans,” the newsletter read.
Referring to the Prime Minister’s recent rally in Jammu, the party said, “Now you are watching his rally on TV. You are told that having the state stripped of its special status is good for you. We give you progress, development, tourists and Panchayat Raj.”
Furthermore, he said those who raised questions against the government were branded “Pakistan-loving anti-national terrorists” and imprisoned. “And if you manage to get bail after spending half a decade in jail, you bet we’ll send you back inside on another charge,” it read.
‘Speak Up’ cited the example of journalist Aasif Sultan (36), who was arrested in 2018 for helping activists.
“…Sultan has been accused of aiding the terrorist group TRF, an organization that didn’t even exist before he was already in prison. It sounds absurd until you realize it’s the how the BJP exemplifies these men,” he said.
The news bulletin also looked at Union Home Minister Amit Shah saying Chinese troops on the Ladakh border had the last laugh.
“So while (Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor) (Manoj) Sinha tells you that we have been visited by 80 lakh tourists, Chinese troops have camped in our backyard. As always, the real magic happens elsewhere,” the party said.
Highlighting the issue of freedom of speech, the bulletin said at least 13 people had been arrested outside the Jama Masjid here for sedition and added that they would be slapped by the infamous Public Security Law. (PSA).
The PSA authorizes administrative detention for up to two years “in the case of persons acting in a manner prejudicial to the security of the State”, and up to one year when “any person acts in a manner prejudicial to the maintenance of public order”.
Referring to the condition of people in other states, the party said the freedoms enjoyed by citizens were nothing more than an “illusion”.
“After razing the Muslims, they will come for the Christians, the Dalits and other minorities. The Hindus with their various sects and castes will not be far behind because a fascist regime will always need someone to take on him.
“After Jammu and Kashmir it will be their turn. So we are there shouting but they silenced us and cut us off. You see they are still hypnotized because they are too busy watching the magic show,” the newsletter said. Lily.

Brian L. Hartfield