BGT’s Scariest Magic Tricks ‘Exposed’ – From Phantom Gaff to Ant Twist

Spooky acts on Britain’s Got Talent have included Magician X ‘revealing’ his identity as host Ant McPartlin, an invisible ghost and judge Amanda Holden terrified of a ghostly illusion

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BGT X Magician’s Identity Revealed As 2018 Golden Buzzer Actor Marc Spelmann

The witch, who pissed off both the judges and viewers of Britain’s Got Talents earlier this month, is one of the latest spooky acts of magic to appear on the show.

The talent show’s previous spooky acts have included Magician X “revealing” his identity as host Ant McPartlin, an invisible ghost, and judge Amanda Holden terrified of a ghostly illusion.

Such tricks sparked countless theories among the show’s viewers, many of whom claimed to have discovered the secrets behind the acts.

Here’s a look at some of Britain’s Got Talent’s scariest magic tricks and how they’ve been ‘exposed’.

The Haunting “exposed” by the cameraman

Amanda Holden was terrified of The Haunting



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In 2019, Amanda Holden was terrified of the magical act The Haunting, which was introduced by magician Elizabeth.

Judge BGT was led to the basement and screamed as she was grabbed by “Florence the Ghost; before her mother Agatha smashes a mirror.

Agatha then grabbed Amanda’s arm and dragged her back down the stairs, before transforming back into Elizabeth and startling Amanda, who screamed “f***” when she saw the magician standing behind her.

However, viewers felt they scolded the act, saying they briefly spotted Elizabeth hiding around the corner as Amanda was walking up the stairs.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer said: “The Haunting…anyone else see the other girl coming out of the stairs to take over for ‘Agatha’?”

Another asked: ‘Has anyone else noticed the woman standing on the stairs ready to chat about the haunting act?

The true identity of the Witch?

Some think it could be Ant or Dec under the dentures



The witch, a chilling act that pissed off the judges on this series, has sparked several theories online as to who might be behind the sinister facial prostheses.

The contestant handed out apples from a spooky bag to David, Alesha and finally Amanda while reciting a spooky chant.

Amanda had an unsullied apple in her hand, which the witch crushed to reveal creepy crawling maggots and cockroaches, which scattered around the judge’s office.

Several have suggested the contestant could be one of ITV talent show hosts Ant McPartlin or Dec Donnelly.

“I think ‘The Witch’ is Dec in disguise!” one viewer wrote on Twitter, as another person said, “That witch actually looked like Ant in civilian clothes! Haha.”

Another viewer said: ‘When that witch came out I thought it was Ant undercover and I don’t know why.

X ‘exposed’ as ant

Ant McPartlin took part in the spooky ride



In 2020, viewers of Britain’s Got Talent were stunned when Wizard X revealed his identity as host Ant McPartlin.

X managed to impress the judges in 2019, later revealing himself to be 2018 runner-up Marc Spelmann.

During a Christmas special, Marc had David Walliams sign the back of a card, Ashley Banjo put an item in a gift box and Amanda Holden press nine random numbers after 07 on her phone and Alesha Dixon to choose a random card with a name from the deck.

Amanda dialed the number, which led her to a man named Christian Nardy – whose name was on the back of Alesha’s card.

Marc then put on his mask and transformed into his X persona while Christian, on the video call, was seen pulling out the watch that Asjley Banjo had put in the box.

Christian was then seen removing his mask and Marc was revealed to be underneath, smiling as he waved at them.

The judges then gasped and looked up at the person on stage, who turned out to be none other than Ant.

Ant joked, “That was me! I’ve been X all these years!”

The invisible ghost

The Invisible Phantom scared fans



Speaking of Marc Spelmann, Britain’s Got Talent fans think he’s also behind an unseen and spooky ghost act this year.

The spooky routine saw judge Amanda Holden take center stage as she was mesmerized by the ‘invisible’ person, who wreaked havoc on the stage.

The “ghost” made Alesha Dixon choose an item out of the box, which Amanda guessed correctly, and also wrote strangely on a board, although no one was there to write.

After the act, fans were convinced Spelmann had returned to the show under a new alias.

“I guess Marc Spelmann is coming back as a ghost on #bgt,” one wrote, as a second said online, “Couldn’t be magician x/Marc Spelmann behind again the ghost, right #BGT.”

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