‘AGT’ Alum Léa Kyle Wows With a Series of Instagram Magic Tricks

Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

America’s Got Talent Star Léa Kyle recently treated fans to a free magic show on social media. In a series of Instagram reels, Kyle shows off her flawless magic tricks from random things around her.

Léa Kyle fascinates by Instagram Magic Series

The magician has incredibly given the impression that a red sewing thread has vanished. His magic trick is to squeeze the thread between his hands until it disappears, incredibly replacing it with several of different colors. Just when fans thought it would be the last, it turns out Kyle was just getting started.

Apparently, the quick-change artist has been giving fans a free virtual talent show since August 14. Her second magical performance was released on August 29 where she instantly changed her pink loungewear into a cute black floral dress.

It was no secret that Kyle loves dressing up, as it was seen in his latest Quick Change performances on America has talent. Reasonably, most of her tricks featured both fashion and beauty. In her third An Instagram reel, she uses circle-shaped fabric to produce a number of glamorous essentials.

Subsequently, Kyle’s fourth upload shows how she effortlessly replaced her black lips in red, turning her lipstick into confetti. Her latest magic video is almost like the first, except it uses a coin instead of a sewing thread. As of this writing, Kyle has uploaded five magical video contents on said platform, entertaining fans with his undying talent.

Fans love his tricks

Obviously, Kyle enjoys creating magic-related video content on Instagram. In the comments, fans expressed their amusement at the artist’s amazing gadgets.

“Your brain is going millions of miles per minute and I love it. Keep it up! You’re in control!” we wrote.

Even some magicians commented on Kyle’s content, saying his tricks were perfect. One follower wrote that his slight hand movement fascinates and frustrates them at the same time.

“You are without a doubt the best magician in the world for changing clothes instantly, no other magician is like you,” another person wrote.

Afterwards, fans are happy that Kyle is recovering nicely from his injury in a car accident. The AGT quick change artist recently placed fourth at the 2022 FISM Quebec Magic World Championship. With this award, Kyle believed she still had a lot to learn about magic.

At this time, she still appears in the AGT Las Vegas Live Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s no surprise that Kyle continues to develop her skills as a magician, with her Instagram reels serving as proof of her progress.

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